Anonymous: I couldn't afford tickets to see him and I cry to sleep now

He’s so talented.
please come off anon so we can chat. 
I’m about to burst. 

Anonymous: how was john butler oh my jesus

to be honest I don’t know if I’m even alive right now. 

Anonymous: watch?v=R7c1P-NPOpM

this is one of my favourite songs. 
but send me music I haven’t heard before. pls.

Anonymous: is your dog moving with you? sorry I worry

yes. and my land lord knows even though I’m not meant to have a pet. 

Anonymous: have you seen rear window it seems like the type of movie you'd enjoy :) xxx

yes! it’s one of my favourite movies. I love the view from jeffs window. it would actually be my dream to live there. The story of the movie is not that interesting i’ll say that, but i love the setting, outfits and the music so much. Grace Kelly’s in it too and she’s great. 

Anonymous: what materials for the yarmezi painting it;s outstanding

Rigger 6 brush and indian ink. may I add if you are doing something like that or planning to. Use a thick 8-12 round brush it will save you a lot of time

Anonymous: why dont u finish most off ur drawings? u r incredibly talented tho

umm. I have no clue.
I normally just focus on something specific like someones face. draw an outline of their body then leave it. not sure why sorry. 

Anonymous: david sounds like the best boyfriend

yesterday he texted me and said “look in your glove box” so I go to my car and open it and there was nothing in it.
he’s a bitch. 

Anonymous: why is that funny omg

idk. it just is. I walked up to the door saw the police warning and stood there and laughed for a good 5 minutes ash was wondering what I was laughing at, saw the warning and nearly shat herself. When the police are done investigating I’m going to frame the warning and send it to my mum. 

Anonymous: so the house you're moving into the people before were doing drugs in there?

They were making meth but in this outdoor room so not in the actual house. hahahhaha to be honest I think it’s hilarious.